Dental Bonding in Kendall

Restore & Enhance Your Smile in Just One Visit!

Image of three young woman smiling after having dental bonding completed at Dr. Cascante's Miami dental office

Quite often our patients come to us with a desire to fix areas of their smile that have been previously damaged. Thankfully, modern dentistry gives our cosmetic dentist in Miami many ways to repair tooth imperfections, whether your goals are primarily functional or aesthetic. Today’s bonding resin materials produce strong, natural-looking solutions that allow Dr. Cascante to restore and enhance your smile in just one visit.

Bonding includes both anterior resins and posterior resins, both of which are metal-free. These resins can be bonded directly to the surface of a tooth to repair chipped or worn teeth, or even as an alternative to porcelain veneers. Bonding materials can also be used to replace metal fillings or fill small cavities.

‘‘As always in this office the staff is amazing and the doctor's concern and compassion are superb!’’

- Robert K., Actual Patient

How Could Our “Chair-Side Veneers” Enhance Your Smile?

Compared to traditional metal fillings, there are many benefits to repairing a tooth using metal-free resins. Metal fillings have the tendency to expand and contract when exposed to extreme temperatures, such as hot or cold foods. This weakens the tooth, ultimately resulting in micro-cracks that develop throughout the enamel, propagating to the point where extreme pressure, such as chewing force, ends up fracturing the tooth. Resin bonding actually provides support to the tooth by bonding to the remaining tooth structure, giving it additional strength. Metal restorations are also known to be thermal conductors, which means that after placing them, they tend to result in more tooth sensitivity than resin restorations.


Our bonding treatments really allow Dr. Cascante to show off his architectural skill. As a perfectionist, he is meticulous during the bonding process, putting his own patience and experience to work so that your bonding treatment delivers a strong, long-lasting result. In fact, he won’t let you leave until both of you are completely satisfied!

Do you have tooth imperfections that are detracting from your smile? Do you know you need a filling, or perhaps already have a traditional metal filling and would like to explore your options in metal-free dentistry? If so, contact our office to schedule your comprehensive consultation with a leading cosmetic dentist in Miami, Dr. Cascante today!

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