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We all know good oral hygiene keeps smiles looking bright and shiny, but did you know that it’s also crucial to your overall health? Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and general health problems such as periodontal disease, tooth loss, heart disease, stroke, and even certain types of cancers.

Daily brushing and flossing will help keep periodontal disease and tooth decay to a minimum, but our Kendall dentist and hygiene team can spot problem areas in their earliest stages, as well as gently remove areas of tartar and calculus your toothbrush and floss may have missed.

Are you in need of periodontal gum therapy? Find out by asking Dr. Cascante at your next appointment!

‘‘Phenomenal work!! Highly recommend! Staff is very attentive to your needs and Dr. Oscar Cascante does amazing work in a short time.’’

- Alondra M., Actual Patient

Dedicated To Continuing Education

Over the past several years, there have been amazing advancements in dentistry. Our dedication to continuing education has allowed us to stay on top of these latest advancements to help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Hygiene care at our Miami dental office features comprehensive exams and cleanings using:

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Velscope Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Caesy Educational System
  • Picasso Laser Therapy

Among the biggest concerns, we have for our patients’ oral health is the presence of periodontal disease (gum disease). Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and has been linked to the many general health conditions. Periodontal disease can be clinically improved by Dr. Cascante using cutting-edge laser therapy, or Arestin®, an antibiotic placed directly in the infected area helping to kill the bacteria at the root of the problem. With early intervention, costly periodontal surgery, and tooth loss may be prevented. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, he’ll review your condition and determine what type of treatment is right for you.

Technology That Surpasses Greatness

Our Picasso laser is a cutting-edge device, used to help remove areas of infection and gum disease with precision and comfort. This new technology provides patients:

  • Increased comfort
  • Less bleeding
  • Less gum recession
  • Less swelling and inflammation
  • Improved healing

Providing our patients access to comprehensive care and advanced technologies ensures they are receiving the very best hygiene experience in Miami. We are a team who truly cares, and can provide you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain great oral health for a lifetime. Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Cascante today!

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