Teeth Whitening

A man turns to the camera and smiles to show how teeth whitening from our Miami dentist can brighten your smile.
A bright, white smile is not only beautiful; it portrays confidence, youthfulness, and good hygiene as well. As we age, it’s natural for teeth to become dull or dingy in appearance – but they don’t have to stay that way! Dr. Cascante offers Zoom! and KoR teeth whitening to Miami patients looking to transform a yellow smile into one that shines.

Zoom! is our most popular teeth whitening option, chosen by more than 90% of our patients. The process involves a visit to our office, where Dr. Cascante will apply a special whitening solution to your teeth and activate it under our Zoom! light. Results are quick, effective, and economical. Total treatment time is around one hour, and we have touch up kits available to prolong and maintain the Zoom! results.

Find out how our teeth whitening services can make your smile up to 8 shades whiter!

For our patients with tetracycline or heavily stained teeth, Dr. Cascante may recommend our KoR system. KoR whitening is a three-step process: an in-office whitening treatment, followed with at-home whitening, and then completed with one last in-office treatment. KoR whitening has been ranked the most effective, reliable way to whiten teeth.

Dr. Cascante and our team often recommend teeth whitening for anyone receiving restorations such as fillings, crowns, or bonding. One of the most amazing things about dentistry today is how porcelain and resin materials can be flawlessly color-matched to natural tooth structure. However, if your teeth are yellow and stained, your new dentistry will have to appear the same. This will make your restorations visibly yellow in comparison to the rest of your teeth should you decide to whiten down the road. By completing a whitening treatment before your restorations are placed, Dr. Cascante can customize your dentistry to blend with your newly white smile instead.

One of our favorite sayings at Advanced Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is, “If you look good, you feel good.” Teeth whitening by our Miami dentist gives our patients a chance to look their very best and in turn, feel amazing. To discuss teeth whitening with Dr. Cascante, call our office to schedule your appointment today!

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