Root Canal Therapy

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When a tooth has become so severely decayed that it has penetrated the enamel and affected the nerve, you may experience extreme pain, infection or an abscess. Not only may a root canal be necessary to make you more comfortable, but without this treatment, you could be putting your tooth at risk for being lost.

A root canal by Dr. Cascante is designed to remove infection from your tooth, freeing you from discomfort and returning your tooth to a healthy state. During the procedure, the infected nerve tissue will be removed and the canal holding the infected nerves will be sterilized to destroy bacteria. An inert material is then used to three-dimensionally fill and seal the canal. In many instances, if a filling will not provide adequate support to restore the tooth to its optimum strength, a crown (a customized porcelain restoration) will be placed.

You don’t have to fear root canals!

When most patients hear the word root canal, they tend to get nervous. Many associate this treatment with pain, when the reality is; root canals are designed to remove pain. Although, the root canal procedure has always received a bad reputation, the procedure in itself is not painful, and the procedure aims to preserve the tooth structure from further damage from infection. Don’t let fear stop you from receiving the care you need. Whether you have an injured tooth or deep decay, Dr. Cascante and his staff with modern technologies will provide the compassion and attention to relieve the pain.

Keeping Your Natural Teeth Healthy

It is always our goal to save your natural teeth by all means possible. A root canal by Miami dentist Dr. Cascante is a treatment that helps us accomplish this. And by using the latest methods and materials, we can assure your root canal will be effective and comfortable. For more information about this and other restorative treatments offered at our office, call today!

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